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We make all authentic regional pies from scratch in small batches.

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What we do and why...

At Parma, we're making authentic regional pies from scratch in small batches because we're crazy-in-love with the pizza we grew up eating and tasting during our travels.

Owner and Pizzamaker Mick Mahan was raised in the Sicilian tradition in Youngstown, Ohio and has since devoted himself to learning everything he can about pizza. As a successful bassist and musician, Mick has spent over 30 years traveling the United States and abroad learning from pizza masters the world over.

The team at Parma is devoted to serving up soulful artisanal and traditional pizzas that take people back to their roots - be that New York, Detroit, Naples, Sicily, or Ohio.

Authentic & Homemade

We make all authentic regional pies from scratch in small batches. We want to make sure you are tasting our pizza the way it should be. Fresh and perfect.

Wood Burning Stove

How can we give you authentic pizza from Naples without an authentic Wood Burning Stove imported from Naples? 900º? Only the best makes sure you get only the best.

Recipes from Around the world

We've learned the recipes for our dough and sauce from amazing cooks around the country and all over the world. What you are tasting is the culmination of our travels.


We are proud to make all our pizza dough and sauce from scratch daily.

This ensures the consistency and quality of our pies.

Each pizza is made when you order and may take extra time.

Since we are not a fast-food business, we appreciate your patience to achieve perfection.

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  • Growing up in Brooklyn, I am home!


  • Amazing pizza, awesome family and great service!


  • The Detroiter is to pizza as Lions and Tigers are to cats!


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